The Negril Story

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Founded in 1979 by Jamaican native Earl Chinn, Negril Jamaican Eatery is a family-owned, fast casual storefront serving up a taste of the island. In 1975 Earl visited his sister in Washington, DC where he couldn’t find any authentic Jamaican eateries, so he later returned to open his own, supplying the bold foods and flavors of his homeland to Caribbean expats and local fans of Jamaican cuisine.

Negril Eats’ popularity in DC—and today’s growing Caribbean communities in the DC Metro Area—led to the gradual expansion of Negril the Jamaican Eatery into Mitchellville, Silver Spring, and Laurel, MD. Each location offers the complete menu, highlighting the most popular favorites of each storefront.

Today, Earl’s sister, Marguerite, his two sons, and his extended family manage the four Negril Eats locations. Like their father before them, Earl’s sons subscribe to the Jamaican national motto, “Out of Many, One People.” For the Chinns, traditionally prepared, tasty to-go meals unite their customers as blue-collar laborers, lawyers, retail salespeople, clerks, and other DC professionals line up together to pick up their jerk chicken, oxtail, or escoveitch fish.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create the best, tastiest, and most highly sought-after Jamaican food in the market for the thorough enjoyment of all.

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Core Values

We believe that good is not enough. We never stop trying to do it better, no matter how good we are. We constantly raise the bar. We work to build trust with others in every transaction and interaction. We recognize that honesty and trust are the bonds that hold organizations and relationships together. We believe in ongoing training and development. We are committed to investing in the future of our restaurants to enable our people to achieve their potential in whatever they do. We strive to make Negril Jamaican Eatery employees proud of where they work and to give them a strong sense of safety, belonging, support, positivity, and well-being.

We believe our continued success depends on teamwork. We know that great achievements are only possible through helping and respecting each other.

Give the Gift of Negril Jamaican Eatery

It’s the perfect gift, every time. Redeemable for all foods at any Negril Eats location.

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Nationwide Shipping

Negril Eats now ships its famous Jamaican patties nationwide with DoorDash! Choose from six fillings including seasoned meats, vegetables and spices wrapped inside rich, flaky pastry shells.