Serves 50

  • 8 dozen cocktail patties (chicken, beef, veggie)
  • 1 Large tray jerk chicken
  • 1 Large tray curried chicken
  • 1 Small tray jerk wings (4 dozen)
  • 2 Large tray rice & peas or 2 large tray white rice or 1 of each
  • Choice of 1 large tray veggie stew or 1 large tray veggie curry
  • Choice of 1 large tray cabbage or 1 large tray plantains

Give the Gift of Negril Jamaican Eatery

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Nationwide Shipping

Negril Eats now ships its famous Jamaican patties nationwide with DoorDash! Choose from six fillings including seasoned meats, vegetables and spices wrapped inside rich, flaky pastry shells.